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Undergraduate Support Scholarship

In 2019, DDWSF Board of Directors established the Undergraduate Support Scholarship – a program designed to provide continuous financial support to our scholars as they pursue their collegiate goals.

For the first time ever, recipients of the David & Dovetta Wilson Scholarship are now eligible to receive additional funds over the course of their undergraduate career.

Our inaugural cohort of applicants, currently sophomores, provided evidence of their academic achievement and testimonials to their community service record on their respective campuses.

In their own words…

“I am so honored and thankful for all of the generosity I have received from the Wilson Fund! It means the world to me that you guys are interested in supporting my academic endeavors. I can’t wait to stay connected!” Best, Britta

“Thank you so much! Being a recipient of the DDWSF 2019 Undergraduate Scholarship is an extreme honor. This is so helpful as I continue my collegiate career. I am trying very hard to balance my life. It is challenging at times. Thanks for your continued support. It means so much to me. Yes I was contacted and hope I can contribute to the DDWSF . The semester is hectic. I just finished midterms and getting ready for an upcoming production , on top of my class load. But I love it. Thanks again for everything!” Sincerely, Andrew

“I would like to thank everyone in the organization from the bottom of my heart.” – Chris

“I am overjoyed! I’ve been experiencing a lot of change lately: a new on-campus job, surrounding myself with new people. I’ve been putting in the effort to keep my head, but sometimes College can just feel overwhelming! Nonetheless, receiving this good news has left me feeling so supported. Thank you over and over again for being there for me!” Best, Zaria