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Care Package Program

Care Packages

In 2019, DDWSF initiated the Care Package program – sending along boxes filled with items designed for college life. Stuffed with easy-to-prepare-in-a-dorm food, nutritious snacks, twinkly fall lights, school supplies and self care items ranging from the fun, like puzzles, to the practical, like floss! This is one way for DDWSF to send along encouragement as our scholars tackle the challenges of adjusting to campus life and the rigor of their academic course load.

Responding to Current Needs

Our 2020 Care Package program meets scholars where they are

2020 has seen a shift in our scholars’ needs, as many are dealing with unique circumstances due to the pandemic. While some students learn at home, others off-campus, and some in hybrid programs at school – all are dealing with the pressures to remain safe, focused and successful. We at DDWSF have been impressed, time and again, by scholars’ collectively demonstrated adaptability, resilience, and fortitude. As ever, our mission and hope is to provide consistent support to every Wilson Fund Scholar. In order to meet our scholars where they are, while continuing to show our support for their efforts, DDWSF adapted our care package program to be as unique as the circumstances, embedding new elements of choice and remote access.

2020 Options

We were pleased to offer $20 e-gift card “care packages” based on each scholar selection of a vendor. Whether they would love a good read from Mahogany Books, could use a ready meal via Grubhub during exam crunch time, need to take some time for self care and deserve quality BLK + GRN natural products, or desire anything else with speedy delivery – this fall, it was on us.

Scholars React

Thank you for supporting me, my family, and my peers during these difficult times. The fall care package was wonderful and I am going to get myself some self-care items! I always feel so supported by the Wilson Foundation and I am so blessed to be a part of this community. – Celine, Rice University (2020)

Thank you so much for reaching out and for your support! It is greatly appreciated during this crazy time of college and COVID! – Allison, Bethel U (2020)

Thank you so much for the care package! It certainly is comforting to know that the folks at DDWSF care so much about us Wilson scholars.  I hope you and your loved ones are in good health right now. – James, UCLA (2020)

Thank you so much for the gift card – it was so kind and unexpected! I appreciate you and the Wilson Fund so much and I want to thank you for your continued support. 

Britta, CCM (2020)

I want to thank you all so much for this package. Though it might seem little, I must admit it made my entire night. I was in extreme need of a pick me up as school has not been the easiest, and the surprise package that you all sent me was perfect for this, so thank you again! As I stated earlier, school has been quite hard and this week has been particularly hard with four tests and three quizzes. Though I know I did well on the test, it hit me harder than ever that college requires so much more work than high school and that time management is everything. However, I want my degree more than anything so I’m willing to work as hard as I have to to obtain it. Now that this difficult week is over, I plan to spend two days dedicated to self-care by enjoying some of the amazing items you all sent in the care package…. Again, thank you all so much for your unwavering love and support! The package gave me the motivation that I didn’t even know I needed, so thank you so much for helping me power through the rest of this semester! Best – Nayah, University of Georgia (2019)

“The package gave me the motivation that I didn’t even know I needed…”

Nayah, University of Georgia (2020)

I want to say thank you so much for my care package!!! I LOVE everything inside! 😁 – Kennedy, Lamar University (2019)

I am extremely appreciative and thankful for your thoughtfulness. I will put all of the items to good use. Thank you,

Julian, North Carolina A&T State University (2019)

2019 Sophomore Boost

I’m writing to thank you for the very thoughtful Thanksgiving gift! The second I opened it I plugged it in to charge so I can use it at rehearsal. Tonight I start a new project called “Rocket Science” with Broadway producer Richard Israel. I will be working as his assistant director on the show and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope you have had a great fall and thank you so much again! Best, Britta, University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (2019)

I just received the gift of the portable charger in the mail! I was jumping with joy, because anyone who knows me knows my phone is ALWAYS dead. You’ve just saved my life! Thank you 100x over! 

Zaria, Northwestern University (2019)

I want to thank you so much for the portable charger!!! I have been in need of one for a long time! 😂 I really appreciate it! Thank you so much! I appreciate everything you guys are doing for me! – Juan, Rice University (2019)