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Mission & Vision


The mission of the David & Dovetta Wilson Scholarship Fund is to award scholarships to selected Seniors attending Public High Schools in the United States and to promote academic achievement and excellence.

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The David & Dovetta Wilson Scholarship Fund (DDWSF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to assisting America’s young people with their quest for higher education. We are a private, volunteer-driven fund and dispense nine awards per year to deserving high school seniors that plan to attend accredited colleges and universities.

DDWSF realizes that the ever changing dynamics in today’s society makes it increasingly more important for our young people to develop a strong sense of both their responsibility and their place in our nation and the world. We look particularly for those community minded young people who display this understanding. DDWSF’s commitment is to help address students’ need to fill the financial gap experienced in pursuing higher education. As higher education costs increase, the ability to meet these costs dwindles. DDWSF endeavors to lend a hand in the fight. We will continue to solicit assistance from corporations, friends and supporters who share our vision for tomorrow’s leaders. We will pursue our work until DDWSF becomes self sustaining into perpetuity.

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